Thursday, April 1, 2021

Idaho: Bureau of Land Management is working on a collaborative approach to address overcrowding at Wilson Creek trails - Article & Video

By: Steve Dent
Posted at 1:17 PM, Mar 31, 2021

WILSON, Idaho — The Wilson Creek area provides a place for hikers, bikers and horseback riders to roam in one of the only non-motorized areas in the Owyhee Front.

However, fueled by COVID-19, the growing population in the Treasure Valley and an more mountain bikers hitting the trails, this area 25 miles south of Nampa has seen a big increase in usage.

"I started here in the early 80’s and have been riding here ever since," said Karen Steenhof who was riding her horse named Riley. "The equestrians were the ones who developed this parking area, we started it and I don’t know what I would do without it."

Horseback riders have their concerns because they feel like they've been pushed out of the Boise foothills and they don't want that to happen at Wilson Creek...

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Canada: Carriage club to map out multi-use trail - Full Article

Mar. 31, 2021

Plans are in the works to create a multi-use trail that would stretch from Meadow Lake to 83 Mile House.

Members of the Cariboo Country Carriage Club are seeking a grant writer to apply for funding to develop the trail, which would be open to everyone from cyclists to hikers, dog-sledders, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, horse riders and buggy horses, said leader Dennis Huber.

Huber, who lives in 70 Mile House, said the group would aim to upgrade its existing 18-kilometre trail and have smaller loops branching off from it, which could work for endurance trail riding. He noted the trail already goes all the way out to Dog Creek and to Meadow Lake and way. It stops just short of 100 Mile in the other direction...

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Ireland: Call for More Access to Off-Road Paths for Horse Riders - Full Article

Marita Moloney
15.49 28 MAR 2021

An equestrian group has called for increased access to off-road paths for people wishing to ride horses on public land in Ireland.

The Leisure Equestrian Association of Ireland states there are limited off-road riding facilities or bridleways for equestrianism here.

The group, which lobbies on behalf of private horse-owners, is seeking to retain current access and increase future access to of-road facilities.

Members of the group, who came together for the first time at the end of 2020, have given 80 submissions this year to local authorities seeking more access...

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E-bike 101: What to know as electric cycling moves to Colorado Springs trails - Full Article

By Seth Boster Mar 22, 2021

If it wasn’t already, the e-bike debate is officially on in Colorado Springs.

That’s after the parks department this month announced a year-long pilot program expanding e-bike access to trails. Beginning May 31, the department will begin observing and deciding the long-term future of charged-up rides in cherished parks and open spaces.

Here’s an e-bike 101, filling you in on the technology, the trends and some finer points of debate:...

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Beara Bridleway: Ireland’s first long-distance horse trail

Dan Linehan photo - Full Article

Exploration of the local Wild Atlantic Way is now possible on horseback

SAT, 20 MAR, 2021 - 23:00

Ireland’s first official long-distance equestrian trail, the Beara Bridleway, has emerged in West Cork’s Beara Peninsula, with exploration of the local Wild Atlantic Way now possible on horseback, with the permission and co-operation of several local farmers and landowners.

Following private and public tracks along the Sliabh Miskish Mountains, a large section of the bridleway was already historically a horse trail when, during a local industrial age, it first opened in 1824 to facilitate copper mining at Allihies.

The 23km trail, which links the townland of Clounglaskin (a few miles west of Castletownbere) to the historic village of Allihies, and then onward to the coastal townland of Urhan, overlooks stunning seascapes and views to Beara’s sister peninsulas...

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

BCHA Public Lands Update On E-Bikes for 2021 - Full Article

By Randy Rasmussen – BCHA Director of Public Lands and Recreation

Public debate is likely to intensify in 2021 regarding the appropriate role of motorized electric bicycle (e-bike) use in outdoor recreation, including the appropriate role of electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) among backcountry trails. The issue is not going away any time soon. This Public Lands Update summarizes recent changes in policies by federal land management agencies on the e-bike topic and what BCH chapters can do when the e-bike debate comes to public lands in your backyard.

Final Rules for E-bike Use Issued by DOI Agencies

The e-bike industry continued its aggressive push to open public land trails to e-bike use, driven primarily by an objective to increase e-bike sales across the nation. They chalked up one such success in 2020 via the Department of Interior (DOI), which in early October announced final regulations for e-bike use by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These new policies provide a green light to local agency managers who seek to authorize e-bike use on trails where traditional bicycle use is currently allowed (for details, see BCHA’s Summer 2020 newsletter). In short, the new policies treat e-bikes as a non-motorized trail use, akin to a regular bicycle—a reversal of policy that previously (and rightfully) recognized that e-bikes operate via an electric motor...

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Australia: Endurance riders fear national parks moving to restrict access - Full Article

March 11 2021
John Ellicott

Fury is building in the horse riding fraternity at plans to "manage" horse trails in NSW National Parks, with changes to trails at Wollemi National Park in the Hawkesbury seen as the thin edge of the wedge.

National Parks has issued a draft management plan for Wollemi that may see horse trails reduced from about 50 to 19 as it moves to prevent threats to the park's ecology.

But the move has sent shudders through the NSW Endurance Riders Association who have obtained an urgent meeting with the environment minister's office on March 22...

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

British Columbia: Expansive horse trailer parking lot built on Timberlands Rd. - Full Article

By NanaimoNewsNOW Staff
Mar 6, 2021 7:18 AM

NANAIMO — Equestrians won’t have to worry about unloading their horses on crowded roads south of Nanaimo.

Expansion and construction of a 150 foot parking area for horse trailers on Timberlands Rd. was recently completed. The roughly $31,000 project also installed a mounting block for riders at the edge of the parking lot.

Lynn deVries, central Vancouver Island chapter chair of the Back Country Horsemen of B.C., told NanaimoNewsNOW riders would previously have to park along Timberlands Rd. despite the large size of their trailers...

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California: Nostalgia for the Live Oak Trails We Are In Danger of Losing - Full Article

MAR 06 2021
by Pat Fish

This blog is meant to be a testimony to the pleasure of four-legged exploration in the front country trails of our marvelous region. But now access to the best of the local trail systems, the ONLY exclusively equestrian area, is being "modified" to become multi-use. I drew the logo above to publicize the effort to stop this change.

That tiny red area is all we have that is exclusively equestrian. We are not greedy, we just don't want the trails, which have been set aside for us since Lake Cachuma was first created in 1953, to be ruined by hikers, with off leash dogs, and bicycle riders careening at high speed down the trails.

Today the MeetUp had 9 riders and we took a leisurely stroll in the beautiful weather. We traveled through a variety of riparian and chaparral zones, as the map shows, both wooded and open spaces.

Truthfully we were on the trail 3 hours, because it was nice to stop, give the animals a rest, and appreciate the views.

HOWEVER the day did not start out all that well...

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Florida Petition: Don't abandon bridle trail in Palm Beach Point Petition

TO: Wellington Florida Village Council and ACME Board

We, the undersigned property owners, tenants and equestrian trainers/riders of Wellington, hereby petition ACME and the Village of Wellington (VOW) to deny all applications to abandon the Lake Worth Road Right of Way (LWR ROW) located within Palm Beach Point (PBP) and to deny all applications to give title to the land to the abutting property owners. Also,

We hereby request that the LWR ROW be incorporated into the Village Bridle Trail System.

Why is this important? Reason: The Lake Worth Road Right of Way on the North side of the C-24 Canal in Palm Beach Point has been used by equestrians in Wellington for at least 32 years as a bridle trail. It is openly used by all equestrians in Wellington, not just those in Palm Beach Point. The Equestrian Element of Wellington’s Comprehensive Plan has always placed a high value on adding bridle trails, not eliminating them. Abandoning this trail would allow adjacent property owners to fence off public access, which would be devastating to the entire equestrian community now and to the future.

The LWR ROW Bridle Trail in Palm Beach Point is one of the most unique and desirable publicly accessible trails in all of Wellington due to its generous one hundred twenty foot width (120’) and its extraordinary one half mile length. It enables equestrians to work their horse at any gait, including a full gallop, on both the straightaway, in a circle, figure eight or other training pattern. It also allows riders to safely pass while traveling in opposite directions. The highly unique 120’ width also helps maintain the rideable grass surface since traffic is spread over a very large area. Most of the public trails in Wellington are much narrower which decreases rideability due to the greater wear generated by more traffic over a lesser area.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Australia: Outcry over proposed Wollemi horse riding plan - Full Article

February 17 2021
Sarah Falson

A group of Hawkesbury horse-riders are enraged by a proposal to limit their use of trails in south east Wollemi National Park, as National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) invites the community to have their say on the draft plan by March 14.

The 'Draft Horse Riding Management Plan: South East Wollemi National Park' identifies proposed authorised horse riding routes in the park, adjacent to the localities of Mountain Lagoon, Upper Colo, Wheeny Creek, Blaxlands Ridge Road and Kurrajong, and details conditions for horse-riding there.

Wilberforce resident Brian Swan - who said he represented recreational horse riders in the area - said NPWS had been trying to introduce a plan of management in the area since 2007.

Mr Swan said he and other horse riders considered the trails of significance to pioneering heritage and to cultural identity, and thought they should continue to be allowed access to them.

"They [NPWS] claim to have input [into the plan] from neighbours and horse-riding fraternity, but that's not very transparent because four or five neighbours I contacted said they weren't contacted [by NPWS]," Mr Swan told the Gazette...

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Don’t fence us out: Petition fights closure of popular bridle trail in Florida’s horse capital - Full Article

February 14, 2021

A movement to save a popular bridle trail used by thousands of horse riders in Wellington, Florida, is under way following a request by local landowners to give them the land.

A petition has been started to save the Lake Worth Road Right of Way Bridle Trail, also known as the Sunnyland Canal Trail in Palm Beach Point. The Lake Worth Road Right of Way on the North side of the C-24 Canal in Palm Beach Point has been used by equestrians in Wellington for at least 32 years as a bridle trail. The petition requests that the Lake Worth Road Right of Way be incorporated into the Village Bridle Trail System.

Late last year, two adjacent landowners petitioned the Village of Wellington and ACME Improvement District Board, current managers and owners of the land, to abandon the bridle trail in front of their properties and give the land to them...

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