Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Celebrate the Completion of the Backbone Trail


It's the grand unveiling of the completion of the Backbone Trail from the City of Los Angeles to the Pacific coast in Ventura County.

The 67-mile Backbone Trail has been a more-than-40-year labor for dedicated volunteers, elected officials, parks agencies, and generous philanthropists. The public has acquired more than 180 parcels to complete the route. When finished, the trail will form the spine of a 500-mile network of trails that connects the residents of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to their public lands.

The trail has been nominated for designation as a National Recreation Trail. If selected, the designation will be announced by the Secretary of the Interior on or before June 4, 2016.

The celebration will be held Saturday June 4 from 9 AM to noon at the Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades, California.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The 4th annual Heritage Ride in Colorado

The Colorado Horse Council is having its 4th Annual "The Heritage Ride" in several locations throughout the Front Range in June, and invites all equestrians to come and join us in a day-long equine adventure.

There will be educational opportunities for you to learn about trail riding, equine safety and much, much more. You will also have the opportunity to ride with guest clinicians from the 2016 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Each ride will be approximately 2 hours, depending on location.

The purpose of this ride is to make people aware of our efforts and the equine industry in our state. This ride will focus on education of those in and out of the equine community and will be a fundraiser to support our work in protecting horses in our state.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Riding the Alaska Basin-Buck Mountain Pass - Full Article

April 29, 2016

Ride into the High Country with Amy and Maggie of Wilderness Horseback Journeys blog as they take on the Alaska Basin-Buck Mountain Pass in Wyoming.

We did the Alaska Basin to Buck Mt. Pass in early October last year, because of it’s high elevation it is recommended that you don’t attempt this trail until July. The day we did this trail, was extremely windy and cold. It often can be when you reach the pass so make sure you pack yourself some extra layers. We always go prepared because we never know how the weather may change. Almost everytime we have gone to Alaska Basin we have experienced weather of some sort. Once you reach Buck Mt. Pass you will be at an elevation of about 10,500 feet.

The route we took was an in and out a 21 mile ride. This is a very impressive ride with views of Battleship Mtn, Buck Mtn, limestone cliffs, giant colorful slabs of granite that were smoothed by the glaciers, and high moutain lakes. All of this makes this an amazing pick for our fourth favorite ride of the 2015 season. At the end of this post you will find a map. We have some amazing photos of this ride that really capture the beauty of Buck Mtn and the beautiful granite slabs that you find as you enter into Alaska Basin. Remember all these photos are taken with Maggie’s “Tough” camera. We have ridden Alaska Basin several times, but this was our first time visiting Buck Mtn Pass...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

June 4 is National Trails Day - Host a Horse Event!

June 4, 2016 is American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day®, the country’s largest celebration of trails. National Trails Day events will take place in every state across the country and will include hikes, biking and horseback rides, paddling trips, birdwatching, geocaching, gear demonstrations, stewardship projects and more.

American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day® (NTD) is a celebration of America’s magnificent Trail System, occurring annually on the first Saturday in June. NTD features a series of outdoor activities, designed to promote and celebrate the importance of trails in the United States. Individuals, clubs and organizations from around the country host National Trails Day® events to share their love of trails with friends, family, and their communities. NTD introduces thousands of Americans to a wide array of trail activities: hiking, biking, paddling, horseback riding, trail running, and bird watching and more. For public and private land managers alike, National Trails Day® is a great time to showcase beautiful landscapes and special or threatened locales as thousands of people will be outside looking to participate in NTD events.

National Trails Day® evolved during the late ‘80s and ‘90s from a popular ethos among trail advocates, outdoor industry leaders and political bodies who wanted to unlock the vast potential in America’s National Trails System, transforming it from a collection of local paths into a true network of interconnected trails and vested trail organizations. This collective mindset hatched the idea of a singular day where the greater trail community could band together behind the NTD moniker to show their pride and dedication to the National Trails System.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Strava data used to ban cyclists from California trail - Full Article

by Laura Laker
May 5 2016

Councillors in California banned mountain bikers from a local preserve after Strava data revealed riders were travelling at speeds in excess of 20mph on shared trails

Horse riders and hikers raised concerns over riders using Byrne Preserve trails in Los Alto Hills, California at “incredibly unacceptable” speeds.

The ban was unanimously passed by the local council in January, thanks in part to Strava data from the trails, with no opposition to the ban made by the local cycling community. Some feel a worrying precedent has now been set and are asking riders to consider their behaviour on local trails.

Ryan Dunfee, writing in Teton Gravity (link is external), said: “While Los Altos Hills' action is seemingly a unique example of what can happen when folks who don't want bikers around use bikers' own data against them, it's not hard to imagine Forest Service rangers or other public officials being forced to take action against illegal trails or in the case of Los Altos Hills, revoke legal trail access mountain bikers already enjoy.”

Dunfee said it is possible for a “vocal minority” to use Strava data to back up concerns raised to local councils and help ban bikers, and said cyclists need to be proactive in monitoring behaviour in their community.

Some local horse riders registered complaints about cycling speeds in the Preserve, in particular the steep Artemas Gintzon trail, and the potential for horses being spooked by bikers appearing unexpectedly around blind corners, and the dangers that poses to younger, less experienced riders...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trail Riders Association honored for work at Battle Ground lake - Full Article

By The Columbian
Published: May 4, 2016, 5:59 AM

Battle Ground — In early April, the Washington Trail Riders Association was presented with the Outstanding Group Contribution award from Washington State Parks for its work maintaining the trails at Battle Ground Lake.

Founded in 1979 by the leader of the Back Country Horsemen, WTRA members have been working on the trails at Battle Ground Lake for more than 20 years. Roughly 15 years ago, several members of WTRA and the Battle Ground Lake staff received a grant to harden the trails and make the multiuser trails usable year round. Battle Ground Lake is one of the few trails in the area where riders can come in the winter...

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 5 is Idaho Gives Day

May 5 is Idaho Gives Day.

Consider donating to Idaho trails

SWIT&DR - Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders - is a long time member of Friends of Weiser River Trail. May 5 is your opportunity to again help support this 85 mile non-motorized trail from Weiser to New Meadows, Idaho.  
Every little bit helps with the yearly trail maintenance and development of trailheads and horse trailer parking access.
You can donate at
Thanks to all our SWIT members for the support over the years, and please keep Weiser River Trail in mind!!
Idaho Gives is a one-day online giving blitz. It is about philanthropy, ‘friendraising’ and much more. Idaho Gives is about coming together to support the charitable nonprofits that make our state so extraordinary. On May 5, 2016 make a contribution to one or more of the nonprofits you love, or find a new one to support!