Sunday, May 2, 2021

Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Area, West Virginia - Full Article

Spanning over 400 miles across 8 counties, this backcountry trail system provides a safe recreational experience for a variety of trail uses, including all-terrain vehicle use, mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. In addition to linking cultural resources, this trail system attracts tourism dollars and has provided an economic boost for communities throughout the region. Given the recreational and economic benefits generated, and the numerous partners and landowners involved, this trail system should be commended for what has been achieved through a diverse partnership.

The Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Area is better known as the "Hatfield-McCoy Trails." It is a professionally designed trail system that includes opportunities for a wide range of users. The first 300 miles opened to the public in October 2000 use private and corporate owned property. Expansion plans will be continuing until the trails reach a network of 2,000 miles through eight counties in southern West Virginia: Boone, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Wayne and Wyoming.

The trails have sold over 23,000 permits since opening and have had visitors from forty-six states and six countries. Survey data indicates that 57.3% of our visitors are very likely to return and feel their visit was "Great-worth the trip," and 34.8% indicate the trails are "Awesome-best place ever ridden..."

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