Friday, February 19, 2021

Florida Petition: Don't abandon bridle trail in Palm Beach Point Petition

TO: Wellington Florida Village Council and ACME Board

We, the undersigned property owners, tenants and equestrian trainers/riders of Wellington, hereby petition ACME and the Village of Wellington (VOW) to deny all applications to abandon the Lake Worth Road Right of Way (LWR ROW) located within Palm Beach Point (PBP) and to deny all applications to give title to the land to the abutting property owners. Also,

We hereby request that the LWR ROW be incorporated into the Village Bridle Trail System.

Why is this important? Reason: The Lake Worth Road Right of Way on the North side of the C-24 Canal in Palm Beach Point has been used by equestrians in Wellington for at least 32 years as a bridle trail. It is openly used by all equestrians in Wellington, not just those in Palm Beach Point. The Equestrian Element of Wellington’s Comprehensive Plan has always placed a high value on adding bridle trails, not eliminating them. Abandoning this trail would allow adjacent property owners to fence off public access, which would be devastating to the entire equestrian community now and to the future.

The LWR ROW Bridle Trail in Palm Beach Point is one of the most unique and desirable publicly accessible trails in all of Wellington due to its generous one hundred twenty foot width (120’) and its extraordinary one half mile length. It enables equestrians to work their horse at any gait, including a full gallop, on both the straightaway, in a circle, figure eight or other training pattern. It also allows riders to safely pass while traveling in opposite directions. The highly unique 120’ width also helps maintain the rideable grass surface since traffic is spread over a very large area. Most of the public trails in Wellington are much narrower which decreases rideability due to the greater wear generated by more traffic over a lesser area.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Australia: Outcry over proposed Wollemi horse riding plan - Full Article

February 17 2021
Sarah Falson

A group of Hawkesbury horse-riders are enraged by a proposal to limit their use of trails in south east Wollemi National Park, as National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) invites the community to have their say on the draft plan by March 14.

The 'Draft Horse Riding Management Plan: South East Wollemi National Park' identifies proposed authorised horse riding routes in the park, adjacent to the localities of Mountain Lagoon, Upper Colo, Wheeny Creek, Blaxlands Ridge Road and Kurrajong, and details conditions for horse-riding there.

Wilberforce resident Brian Swan - who said he represented recreational horse riders in the area - said NPWS had been trying to introduce a plan of management in the area since 2007.

Mr Swan said he and other horse riders considered the trails of significance to pioneering heritage and to cultural identity, and thought they should continue to be allowed access to them.

"They [NPWS] claim to have input [into the plan] from neighbours and horse-riding fraternity, but that's not very transparent because four or five neighbours I contacted said they weren't contacted [by NPWS]," Mr Swan told the Gazette...

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Don’t fence us out: Petition fights closure of popular bridle trail in Florida’s horse capital - Full Article

February 14, 2021

A movement to save a popular bridle trail used by thousands of horse riders in Wellington, Florida, is under way following a request by local landowners to give them the land.

A petition has been started to save the Lake Worth Road Right of Way Bridle Trail, also known as the Sunnyland Canal Trail in Palm Beach Point. The Lake Worth Road Right of Way on the North side of the C-24 Canal in Palm Beach Point has been used by equestrians in Wellington for at least 32 years as a bridle trail. The petition requests that the Lake Worth Road Right of Way be incorporated into the Village Bridle Trail System.

Late last year, two adjacent landowners petitioned the Village of Wellington and ACME Improvement District Board, current managers and owners of the land, to abandon the bridle trail in front of their properties and give the land to them...

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