Monday, April 19, 2021

Put your best foot forward: Manners matter along Tucson area trails - Full Article

Ann Brown Special to the Arizona Daily Star
Apr 17, 2021

On a Saturday morning hiking a narrow cactus-lined trail, you’re headed uphill and a couple of mountain bicyclists are headed down. Who passes first?

You’re sauntering along The Loop listening to your favorite tunes through your earbuds when you are startled as a bicyclist zips by your left side. How can that situation be avoided?

Knowing and practicing proper outdoor etiquette can help avoid confusion and conflict, and can help maintain the integrity of natural resource areas.

Trail usage has increased since last spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions tamped down indoor activities, says Sue Clark, who has served as president of Pima Trails Association since 2001.

Many on the trails are newbies, she says. Clark estimates there are 2,000 miles of trails in eastern Pima County.

Some first-time users lack basic knowledge of trail etiquette, says Neil Stitzer, trails program manager with Pima County’s Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation department.

“An increased number of users can lead to user conflicts if basic trail etiquette protocols are not respected,” he says...

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