Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Popular Colorado trail becoming mountain bikes only; Could more soon follow?

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BY Seth Boster
March 25, 2019

Colorado Springs mountain biker Harry Hamill stopped riding the Chutes years ago.

Flowing through the woods in the city’s southwest mountains and widely considered the fastest thrill around, the trail hasn’t been worth it to him. Not with the ever-present risk of crashing into hikers coming up blind curves.

“I can’t ride it as fast as I want to ride it,” Hamill says, “and I don’t want to ruin somebody’s experience, and it’s ruining mine, so it’s like, fine. I’ll just skip it.”

But in the near future, he’ll return to the plunge.

He’s just waiting for when the Chutes becomes designated for downhill bikers only, no one on foot or horse allowed.

“It’s not gonna happen overnight, it’s not gonna happen tomorrow,” said David Deitemeyer, the city park planner. “But it’s one of our goals for this summer...”

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