Sunday, March 24, 2019

Alabama: Horse trails bolster area’s recreation offerings - Full Article

Anniston Star Editorial Board
March 24 2019

Here in northeast Alabama, we have the Coldwater Mountain bike trails, the Pinhoti hiking trail and the Ladiga cycling trail, but now the recreational offerings appear ready to expand into the equestrian arena.

The McClellan Development Authority voted unanimously last week to give 900 acres of the former fort to Calhoun County to create a system of horse trails. MDA members voted to transfer the land for $1 to take advantage of the county’s better insurance coverage.

News of a horse trails project was met with enthusiasm by The Star’s online readers.

“... oooohhh I can't wait. And it's close to home. They've been working on this deal for a while.”

“Nice drive, easy access, and oh my goodness so much land out there has breathtaking views.”

“Great idea for recreational usage”

“We have to go!!!!! I’m so excited!!”

“I’m so happy that they finally approved it! It’s been a work in progress for quite some time now!”

“This would be AMAZING!!!!”

“... I can’t wait. I’m about to become a member of Back Country Horsemen of America, McClellan Chapter, Alabama.”

“... Shoot I may have to take up horse back riding. If it opens up, there could be a money-making opportunity for horse owners … running overnight stables, guided tours … I’m seeing dollars.”

Anniston resident Craig Waldron is a member of the local chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of America, the group that proposed the horse trails. He seemed to support the notion that horse trails at McClellan could be a financial benefit to the local economy...

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