Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wyoming: Will To Ride: Could Gillette See Its First Mountain Bike Trail?

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Ryan Lewallen | Outliers News POSTED ON MARCH 24, 2019

The idea for Gillette’s very own 640-acre mountain bike and off-road running trail first came to David Bauer several years ago from cycling friend Michael Trainor.

Trainor had been jokingly hesitant about telling David about his grand idea that, he felt, was sure to bring more tourism dollars and opportunity to Gillette.

“He told me, ‘I don’t want to tell you because then you’re going to want to do it,” David laughed.

But Trainor did and his idea was, indeed, grand: a massive local mountain bike trail that would be open to the public to keep Gillette residents from driving off to distant locations to satisfy their mountain bike cravings.

Naturally, Trainor had been right; the moment David heard his idea the wheels in his head started to turn.

Trainor has since moved on and no longer lives in Gillette, but David hasn’t been able to get the idea for a local mountain bike trail out of his head...

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