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We “Hike the Hill” to Give a Voice to Our National Trails - Full Article

Written February 16, 2016

Our National Trails System

Our National Trails System (NTS) spans 55,000 miles and connects with 70 National Wildlife refuges, 80 National Parks, 90 Bureau of Land Management areas, 90 National Forests, 123 Wilderness Areas, and 100 major metropolitan areas. This incredible system provides access to our country’s diverse landscapes, cultural heritage, and biodiversity.

Whether it be a jaunt in the woods, a visit to a historical landmark, or a road trip across the country there is no denying that many if not most American’s have stepped foot on or traveled along at least one of our national trails.

As we continue to work towards the preservation and completion of this trails system, it is important to know that there is still a great deal of work to be done. This is why we head to Washington each year with the American Hiking Society and fellow partners to “Hike the Hill.”
A Week in Washington

Hike the Hill ® is a week-long event that provides opportunities for participants to advocate for the protection, completion, and funding of our NTS.

Throughout the week citizen advocates speak with members of Congress, congressional staff, and leaders of the federal land managing agencies. Through these conversations we learn how to better work together, continue to provide education and advocate for important issues and legislation, and plan for the future of our NTS.

The Big Picture

One of the ways we use our voice in Washington is by speaking with Congress about legislation that positively affects the NTS. Some of the key legislation currently being considered is as follows:...

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