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California: A local trail advocate to whom I give special thanks

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November 30 2018
In The Saddle
by Valerie Zera

After writing “In the Saddle” almost weekly since it first appeared on Nov. 28, 1992, this represents my final column. I consider this opportunity to have been the source of many friendships, as well as a tremendous learning experience, a privilege first offered to me by former Antelope Valley Press Editor Larry Grooms. My husband and I are planning our eventual retirement, which will continue to involve at least one horse, although I now ride very little.

As I first began looking for topics, I heard about Elaine Macdonald of Lancaster, who has a long and productive history of working to maintain trail access and open space. She is a concise, eloquent and well mannered public speaker, which makes her words well received. Elaine also became a wonderful resource for me to call upon.

She sums up her many years of continued volunteerism by saying, “I have committed my life as a volunteer for equestrian issues and an advocate for trails in the North County.”

It is for this reason I would like to publicly thank Elaine, and express my admiration...

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