Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wyoming: Proposals could restrict riding access in Shoshone NF - Full Article

January 5 2017

Proposals that would restrict or close selected riding access for mountain bikers in the Shoshone National Forest have stirred angst amongst regional riders.

They are banding together to question the plans before the public comment period ends Jan. 12.

Riders claim the Forest is poised to take unnecessary action under its Land Management Plan, while Forest officials say they are merely balancing the needs of all trail users, including mountain bikers, horseback riders and ATV travelers.

One part of the plan would add 35 miles of approved biking trails, while another would subtract what some say is 28 miles of existing trails.

Mountain bikers say they could well lose access to places they are long used to riding.

John Gallagher of the Park County Pedalers said the Shoshone non-motorized trail plan is really responding to issues that have occurred elsewhere, in Utah and Colorado, where participants in the different activities have overlapped...

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