Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Help make the Rivers to Ridges trail system near Boise safer for Equestrians

Change.org petition

April 5 2016

Our equestrians are in desperate need of HELP!
The trails on the Boise Front in Idaho have become devoid of riders due to the trails not being safe (basically mountain bikes in areas we can't see each other), and we are requesting reroutes/detours so we can share the trails safely.

Come May they are finishing up the 10 year master plan, and either the equestrians get safer trails or we not only lost what we have lost, but will continue to lose more. We need ALL folks that believe equestrians deserve the opportunity to ride and enjoy trails that are safe, to sign AND send out this petition!

Time is ticking, and they continue to tell us "NO-we will NOT give you safe routes/detours, because we are not hearing any complaints". They will not hear us, and human lives have little impact on their concerns.

So, please send this out, and ask everyone to send it out to their friends. Tell them it does not matter if they use the trials, it only matters if they support our cause! I hope you can help.

Link to Petition: https://www.change.org/p/karen-danley25-gmail-com-make-the-rivers-to-ridges-trail-system-safer-for-equestrians

"Equestrians have historically accessed the Rivers to Ridges trails system for many years. With the influx of multiple use and an increasing population, equestrians are being ignored and in some instances, being forced to abandon the trails system because of safety issues. We are requesting safety enhancements or alternate equestrian only routing, so that we can safely continue to use the trails system, and co-exist with all users. We pay into the same tax base and should have the same rights as every user."

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