Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Horsemen: Nominate Your Favorite BLM Trail

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is looking to highlight some of the top trails that it manages for hiker and equestrian use. It recently did this for mountain biking and climbing access (view this link). 

The BLM's goal in reaching out to hikers and horsemen is to elevate the profile of non-motorized recreation on BLM-managed lands, both internally and with the public.

If you have a favorite trail on BLM land, please tell us about it. The deadline for your response is February 19, 2016.

Back Country Horsemen of America has been asked for input. Please:

1. Review the criteria below for the kinds of trails we are looking to highlight;
2. Fill in the list titled "Info Needed about the Trail" below; and 
3. Send the info back to me.
You are free to submit as many trails as you'd like, as long as they meet the criteria listed below. We will then work with BLM to create a diverse list of trails to post on the BLM and partner group websites.

Criteria for nominating a trail:

• Authorized trail (includes signage or shown on a BLM map);
• Allows for both hiking and equestrian use;
• Ease of access from major population centers;
• Includes unique attractions (e.g., vistas, water features, canyons, open plains, wildlife, historic/archaeological sites); and
• Its "soundscape" is dominated by nature (i.e., largely free from noises from civilization).

Info needed about the trail:

1. Name of nominee (group or individual);
2. Trail ID (name/number);
3. State and BLM Field Office name or unit;
4. Designation (if known, like Wilderness, National Monument, Wilderness Study Area, National Recreation Area, Area of Critical Environmental Concern, etc.);
5. Predominate Activities (e.g. hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, etc.);
6. Approximate length of trail (in miles);
7. Location of trailhead (GPS if you have it); and
8. 2-4 pictures of the trail or views from the trail.

This is an exciting opportunity to highlight our favorite trails on BLM lands. BCHA is honored that the BLM wants to receive input from our members and volunteers. Please consider nominating your favorite trail on BLM-managed lands and send along the necessary information to support your nomination.

Thank you,

Randy Rasmussen
Director, Public Lands & Recreation
Back Country Horsemen of America

Back Country Horsemen of America | | peg@backcountryhorse.com | 
P.O. Box 1367
Graham, WA 98338

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