Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Featured Nat'l Recreation Trail: Weiser River NR Trail, Idaho

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The 85-mile rail trail between Weiser and New Meadows passes through desert canyons, evergreen forests, alpine meadows, and small towns. Highlights of the trail are the historic trestles and abundant wildlife.

In August 1997, the Union Pacific Railroad executed a deed granting Friends of the Weiser River Trail the entire rail corridor under the 1983 Railbanking Act. It should be noted that this action placed Friends in the three percent category of rail-trails nationwide that are owned and managed by a private non-profit organization.

From that date forward Friends began the development of the trail; installing access control gates, placing planking and installing 8,100 feet of handrails on the 62 trestles, filing in washouts, grading and rolling the trail and placing various signs showing directions and distances. A weed spraying program is ongoing and includes the annual trek of 1,000 goats along the trail to keep noxious weeds under control.

Transportation enhancement grants have funded pavement and trailheads with informational kiosks in the cities of Weiser, Cambridge and Council. Grants provided under the Recreational Trails Program administered by the Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation have funded trestle improvements and trail repairs...

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