Thursday, April 14, 2022

Prince Edward Island: East Coast Confederate Trail Horse-and-Rider Trial Extended - Full Article

Sylvia Hall Andrews, who is on the PEI Trail Riders board of directors and authored the 2021 pilot proposal, on the trail in 2021 riding her Standardbred racehorse accompanied by her hubby and dog, proving that horses and bicycles can get along! (Sylvia Hall Andrews photo)

The test run last year was not popular with some cyclists and hikers; the 2022 version will include an educational component for them.

By: Kim Izzo | April 12, 2022

For equestrians in Prince Edward Island there is excitement over the news that horseback riding on the Confederation Trail has been renewed for a second season. The province’s Minister of Transportation, James Aylward, made the announcement to the PEI legislature. This will no doubt please the many riders who rode the three designated segments of the trail in 2021 and look forward to doing so again.

However, despite joy throughout the equestrian community, not everyone on the island was a fan. Cyclists and walkers who were accustomed to being the sole users were concerned about safety if they came upon a horse and it spooked and well, you get the idea. According to an August 2021 article on the CBC, Ed McKenna, who runs Confederation Trail Biking Adventures and therefore is concerned about his business, was dead set against horses on the trail (although to our mind, we think that historically horses were probably using the trails long before bikes!)...

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