Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Recreational Trails Program authorization has cleared another important hurdle

November 2015

An ELCR Action Alert was recently prompted by two proposed amendments that would have eliminated the Recreational Trails Program.

Neither of the anti-RTP amendments for were considered on the House floor. The first one (#69) was withdrawn by Representative Buddy Carter. The second one (#158), filed by Representative Ted Yoho, did not make it through the Rules Committee's vetting process. As a result, the RTP will be part of the Transportation Reauthorization bill that is eventually approved by the House of Representatives. And since the RTP was included in the legislation already passed by the Senate, it is expected that the Recreational Trails Program will be in the final version of the legislation that emerges from the House/Senate conference.

We are very grateful to the RTP supporters who made their voices heard in the last few days. Your strong support saved a program of great importance to the entire trails community.

ELCR has been working over the past few months with our Conservation Partners, Coalition for Recreational Trails and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, on the reauthorization of the Transportation Alternatives Program, which includes the Recreational Trails Program. This is an important program to all recreational trail users, including equestrians.

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