Friday, August 7, 2015

News and Resources for Land and Water Conservation Fund

August 7, 2015: Legislation approved by the Senate Energy Committee would reauthorize the LWCF permanently. Most of the funds would be split 40-40 between federal projects and grants to states for local projects, including trails and greenways. This 40 percent minimum for “grants to states” would also include USFS Forest Legacy programs for “working forests," USFWS Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation, and the the NPS American Battlefield Protection Program. The bill would also establish a separate National Park Service maintenance account. Meanwhile, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed a spearate FY 2016 appropriations bill (S 1645). It would appropriate $157.5 million for the federal land acquisition and $55 million for state grants. On the House side, a bill said to be stalled on the floor would appropriate $91 million for the federal side and $48 million for the state side. LWCF’s current authorization will expire on September 30. Read more from the National Recreation and Park Association...

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