Thursday, March 19, 2015

Equine Land Conservation - Planning and Zoning Webinar and On-line Guide

The Basics of Planning and Zoning for Horse-Friendly Communities Date: March 24, 2015 Speaker: Christine Hughes, AICP Senior Long Range Planner, City of Wilmington Planning, Development, & Transportation. ELCR and My Horse University are partnering to bring you this informative webinar. Local governments of all shapes and sizes are using planning and zoning tools in their communities. This webinar will discuss the basics of planning and zoning, and will cover the tools of zoning codes and the comprehensive plan. In plain terms, learn how to understand what your property is zoned, how to get involved in the planning process, and what to look for relative to horse-friendly plans and regulations. Click here to register. Planning and Zoning Guide for Horse Friendly Communities Now Available On-Line - click here Planning and zoning decisions can affect how land is taxed, what it may be used for, and which standards and regulations are applied to it. These regulations determine not only whether individuals may keep horses on their own property, but also whether horses have access to community parks and trails. Since land is saved locally it is vital that horsemen understand the basics of planning and zoning and how this impacts horse keeping, breeding, competing and recreating, as well as equine related businesses in their communities, in order to retain access to horses and enjoy their benefits. The Planning and Zoning Guide for Horse-Friendly Communities is an important comprehensive resource for horsemen providing users with the tools they need to understand comprehensive planning, land use mapping, zoning ordinances, and the effects of these on horse keeping and other horse-related activitie s within their own local communities. The information will help them to be engaged in the process, to activate their equine community and to educate planners and decision makers on the benefits of horses in their communities.

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